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About Us    


With over 35 years experience in computing, including the areas of Operations, Software Development, System Testing and Support, working on hardware ranging from Microprocessors to Mainframes, we've seen it all!

But we reckon the most exciting and challenging time is right now, with powerful desktop PC's, mature and complex operating systems, everything networked and all the Viruses, Trojans, Key-loggers, Spyware ...


Our training in Science (Microelectronics), Computer Science and Business, provides the grounding and discipline for effective problem solving. We know the theory behind the technology and have a good understanding of how it's best applied. In short, we know how to make it work for you.


What sets us apart, is our obsession with all things technical, and the great urge to help people get the most out of their equipment. We believe that there truly is an art to troubleshooting!


We are determined to provide Professional On-site Computer Support with the emphasis on great service, convenience, reliability and value for money, with friendly, accessible and personalised attention.

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